JQuery Color Picker and Plugin Example :: By Eric Arnol-Martin

The below example uses the JQuery Color Picker, JQuery Color Plugin, and the JQuery-Cookie Plugin.  The user is prompted to select a color.  Once a color has been picked, it is stored in a cookie.  The script then derives a darker & lighter color and changes element background-colors based on the user's choice.  When a new page is loaded, the cookie is read, and the last color selected is used to immediately style theme colors.  A practical usage for this example is to allow users to dynamically change the color of certain page elements based on CSS styles.

Pick a color!

Original, Darker, and Lighter Colors!

Example:  Change the color above and see what happens!

Some text here.

To use this example, download the source using the link below.

Download All Script Files Used for this Example

The only javascript file that needs to be changed is the "js/main.js" file to modify this script.

Example Provided By: Eric Arnol-Martin 2013