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Eric Arnol-Martin

I'm a hard working and diligent software engineer, system administrator, web developer, and generic Information Technology specialist.  I like to get my hands dirty in all sorts of IT related topics.  I'm a big fan of PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, C#, and the .NET Framework.  When it comes to my own personal work, I love the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack due to it being open source.

In the IT world, there is always more to learn.  I'm learning more and more and will never stop learning.  Since there is a lot to keep track of, I spread some of the knowledge that I have learned through my personal blog.  My hope is that others can use this information to save time and build upon their own ideas.  Information is power, and my blog also serves as personal documentation for when I need to revisit a topic I played with in the past.

I work on several active open source projects including EHCP Force Edition and the Open Game Panel.  I have also released several open source desktop applications including Hosts File Manager, SMARegisTry Backup, and more.  Donations are accepted if you appreciate my work.

For a full list of services I offer and websites I have created, please check out Technoid Guru.

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